Support and Maintenance

Trading system is a combination of the software and hardware components. We can assist with the selection and procurement process to get most efficient equipment, do the initial configuration and perform low tuning to get the best from the CPU, network cards, and disks.

From our point of view, financial applications belong to the category of the classified information. There are too many secret things like algorithm itself, access credentials to trading venues, and user accounts. In the ideal case, such applications should work in the totally isolated environment, without access from the public internet. This is not always feasible, especially when servers are located in the data center. In this case, access should be granted only through trusted and protected channels. Our engineering team can configure for you hardware firewalls and access points(Cisco, Dell, Juniper etc) as well as software-based(OpenVPN, StrongSwan..).

24x7 monitoring of hardware and software is part of our trading systems' lifecycle management approach. You will be able to trace and analyze server loads continuosly and make right decisions about the future configuration changes. With proper visualization and real-time alerts, you can get rid of small but still critical issues like "HDD space suddenly ended" to more dangerous things like failed drive in the RAID array, lost network packets and so on.