About Axon Software

Axon Software is a boutique-style company focused on algo trading solutions, market data processing, and connectivity.

Our goal is to make things happen - we turn algorithms into real working applications, connected over FIX to different trading destinations with an ability to monitor executions and manage risks. Almost any application is tailored exclusively to serve individual customer needs. In this way we can reach higher execution speeds which exceed general off-the-shelf platforms and meet nowadays demanding HFT expectations.

Another focus is market data. Tremendous volumes are forcing us constantly to look for new ways of doing old things - how to normalize data from different vendors, to distribute it to consumers, to store it for use in the future and how to extract value from it. This is the territory of distributed file systems and parallel computing, ØMQ and sophisticated visualization techniques.

Our teams are veterans C++ or Java developers skilled in high performance and low latency app development and hands-on experience with EBS, Reuters, HotSpot, Currenex, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, City, BNP Paribas, CME, Barclays, Fundamental Interactions, Interactive Brokers, ADS, DGCX and other trading destinations.