The purpose of existence of most companies is evolution. In the modern world we need develop and perfect both people and software which we uses in the everyday work. Company AxonSoftware was created on purpose provide development services of the intellectual systems of different type for financial institutions.

Engineers of our company passed good practical school, taking part in development of the most various software. The got experience allows us to provide services in the followings fields:

  • applications integration using FIXprotocol(Financial Information eXchange).
  • connectors development for third party applications(also based on FIX protocol)
  • application development for dealing centers
  • automated trading systems
  • trading terminals creation(standalone, web based)
  • market feed processing(FIX protocol, proprietary implementations)
  • market feed multicasting solutions
  • various components for data visualization
  • reporting tools
  • application real time monitoring

Except software development we do services in further accompaniment of the systems, where the 24×7 monitoring of the state of application(s) and servers, hardware platforms selection and configuration, backup systems configuration.

We will not teach you to trade(sure that you able far better than us), but able to conduct trainings for a personnel on the use of software. Also possible provides small technical trainings of basics things of FIX protocol.

A collaboration with us can become an optimum decision for your business due to high professionalism of our engineers and wide spectrum of provided services.

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